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Chris Patterson from CPR Horticultural Services is fully insured and registered with the NSW and ACT Firearms registries.
Chris is based in the Southern Highlands of NSW and is controlling feral and pest animals on a number of properties throughout NSW. Chris is using the latest technology in night vision scopes and rifle silencers.
This specialised technology is allowing CPR Horticultural Services to control feral and pest animals in urban, semi rural and rural areas.
Chris is licenced to work in NSW and Canberra, and is happy to travel to help eradicate your feral animal problems.

A great advantage CPR Horticultural Services has is being able to work around buildings and close to stock, no spot lights or loud noise which enables the advantage for a greater success rate and minimal disturbance to stock or to the residents.

This advantage has seen Chris controlling feral and pest animals on horse and cattle studs, sheep properties, golf courses, vineyards and private gardens throughout New South Wales.

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